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Audiologists measure hearing ability, identify hearing disorders, provide rehabilitative services, assess amplification devices and instruct in their care, provide training in speechreading, and serve as consultants to government and industry on issues concerning environmental, noise-induced hearing loss.

Speech-Language Pathologists
Speech-Language Pathologists help those who stutter to increase their fluency; help people who have had strokes or experienced brain trauma to regain lost language and speech; help children and adolescents who have language disorders to understand and give directions, ask and answer questions, convey ideas, improve the language skills that lead to better academic performance; counsel individuals and families to understand and deal with speech and language disorders. Contact us for more information.

Speech, Language, and Hearing Scientists
Speech, Language, and Hearing Scientists investigate the complex processes underlying human communication, explore the impact of psychological, social, and psychophysiological factors on communication; they collaborate with experts in other fields to develop new approaches to treating those with speech, language, and hearing disorders.

Career Questions

What are the entry requirements for a career in the communication sciences?
A sincere interest in helping people, sensitivity, and tact are prerequisites. A strong liberal arts focus is recommended on the undergraduate level--typically students obtain a degree in communication sciences and disorders. Graduate work is necessary for licensure in NJ and for ASHA certification and is the entry degree in most work settings. A Ph.D. is required for some areas. Click here for a list by state of Accredited Graduate Programs.

Where can I work?
In many settings, including schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing care facilities, industry, government health facilities, research laboratories, private practice.

Will jobs continue to be available?
The future of the job market in communication sciences and disorders appears excellent. Greater public awareness of early diagnosis of speech, language, and hearing disorders, an aging population, and concern over occupationally induced hearing disorders, among other factors, combine to paint a bright future for the professions.

How do I become licensed?
Speech pathologists are licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs. Call the Licensing Board at 973-504-6390 or visit

If I have a license in another state, can I practice in NJ?
Call NJ License Board at 973-504-6390 or visit

Are Speech Assistants allowed in NJ?

I have questions regarding my CFY.
Contact ASHA at or 800-498-2071 (members) or 800-638-8255 (non-members).

How do I obtain my CCCs?
Contact ASHA at or 800-498-2071 (members) or 800-638-8255 (non-members).

What are current salaries for speech pathologist and audiologists in NJ?
Contact ASHA at for their most recent salary report

How do I set up a private practice?
Call ASHA’s Product Sales at 301-296-5700 to order the “Guide to Successful Private Practice."

SLP and AUD Programs in NJ

Did you know?  Money magazine ranked speech-language pathology/audiology 11th on their list of "Fifty Hottest Jobs" in 1995.

College Program CAA Accreditation
Contact us for more information. 

Programs - SLP, M:SLP

The Center for Communication Disorders
1000 Morris Ave.
Union, NJ 07083

Martin D. Shulman, PhD, CCC-SLP
Executive Director, School of Communication Disorders and Deafness
Phone: 908-737-5800

Barbara Glazewski, EdD, CCC-SLP
Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 908-737-5807

Programs - M:SLP

School of Education
400 Cedar Avenue
West Long Branch, NJ 07764

Patricia Remshifski,PhD, CCC-SLP
Program Director
Phone: (732) 263-5763

Programs - M:SLP, ScD, AuD

1515 Broad Street, Building B
Bloomfield, NJ 07039

Ilse Wambacq, PhD
Graduate Program Coordinator, AuD Program
Audiology: (973) 655-4031

Valerie Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP
Graduate Program Coordinator, MA Program in Speech-Language Pathology
Speech: 973-655-2138

(formally known as Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)
Programs – SLP, M:SLP
School of Health Sciences, Communication Disorders
101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08201

Stacy Cassel
Communication Disorders Program Director
Phone: 609-626-6092

Programs – M: SLP
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, NJ 07079-2689

Vikram N. Dayalu, PhD, CCC-SLP
Chair, Department of Speech-Language Pathology
Phone: 973-275-2858

Programs - SLP, M:SLP

300 Pompton Rd.
Wayne, NJ 07470

Jim Tsiamtsiouris
Chair, Department of Communication Disorders
Phone: 973-720-3355

Nicole Magalidi
Graduate Director, Department of Communication Disorders
Phone: 973-720-3353

Other Questions

I need to find a speech pathologist in my local area – where can I find one?
Click here to find a speech pathologist in your local area.

I'm an employer looking for a speech-language pathologist and an audiologist for our facility. Can you help me?
Yes. Visit the NJSHA Career Center by clicking here.

How can I obtain a list of the members of NJSHA?
Click here to obtain a copy of our royalty agreement.

I attended an educational program - will it count toward my CE hours?
Yes, as long as the agency providing the program is registered with the NJ State Department of Education. There should be a Provider number on the registration form.

Who can help me with an ethical issue?
Contact NJSHAs Ethics Committee Chair, Beth Dux, at

Where can I find Early Intervention programs?
Visit for SCAHS county case management services phone listings by county.

How can I find a listing of diagnostic codes?
Contact ASHA at 301-296-5700 and request of copy of the "Private Health Plans Handbook."

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