In recognition of Better Hearing and Speech Month, NJSHA will offer facial masks that have a clear mouth area. We are doing this in recognition of the speech-language pathologists and audiologists that serve across all ages in a multitude of work settings, ranging from early intervention for preschoolers in homes, schools, private practice, university levels and in all types of medical facilities, including nursing homes.

As a group of professionals that promotes communication, we understand that our professionals would not be able to properly communicate with many of our clients and/or students with the typical face masks on the market. The speech quality degradation, in combination with room noise/reverberation, renders speech close to unintelligible for many patients with language disorders and hearing loss. Therefore, they will need to rely on visual cues. Further, our clients/patients need to see our mouths during therapy.

Mask example
Mask example

Supplies are limited and NJSHA is taking pre-orders.

  • NJSHA and NJAA members price is $15 per mask
  • Non-members price is $20 per mask

Cost includes the mask, shipping and handling to local areas. We are limiting orders to 2 masks per person. If your organization is interested in purchasing a large quantity, please email the NJSHA Office at

These masks measure 5 inches x 2.5 inches. They fit over the head rather than behind the ears, therefore they can be used with hearing aids and other hearing aid devices that sit behind the ear. Masks are washable (hand washing is recommended.)

These masks are NOT FDA approved, and they have not been tested in any way. The choice to make and wear these masks is your own.

The first orders are expected to ship out week of May 11, 2020.


Masks are final sale and non-exchangeable, non-returnable.

Masks are made locally in New Jersey.

Fabric design may vary. It is recommended to hand wash masks as machine washing may damage the vinyl.

It has been suggested to use a drop of liquid dish detergent or a drop of shaving cream to spread over the inside of the mask to prevent fogging. It will need to be reapplied after washing.

Please follow all CDC recommendations for handling the masks and remember these are, according to the CDC, “better than nothing”. Please wash your hands before putting your mask on and after removing the mask.


These masks are made of cotton, vinyl and elastic material. They are not intended to replace traditional, tested, FDA-Approved PPE. The CDC recommends the use of cloth face masks as a last resort, when other PPE is not available. The decision to use this particular guide is your own. These masks have not been tested or proven to protect against illness. It is recommended to wash masks upon receiving them. Hand washing recommended.

Order today

Due to an overwhelming response we have currently sold out of masks. Check back for information about  future availability.