SLP-ABA Collaborative Practice Group Compiled Resources

Interprofessional Education/Interprofessional Practice (IPE/IPP) – Video demonstrating a good example of a collaborative team meeting

Building Working Relationship with Applied Behavior Analysts – ASHAWire – Brief article presenting conceptualization of and how to promote interprofessional collaboration.

Integrating ABA and Speech Pathology – Association for Science in Autism Treatment – Answers to two questions posed by an SLP working in an ABA school-based program: What is important to know about this approach and its implications for my role? In what ways can I support this school-based program?

10 Collaboration Tips for SLPs and Behavior Analysts Treating Students with Autism – ASHAWire – Presents 10 concrete suggestions on how to collaborate.

Working Together: Speech Therapy and ABA. Steinberg Behavior Solutions – Brief article that defines ABA and explains how, “…The collaboration between an ABA therapist and an SLP are vital to enhancing both treatments and ensuring success for the child….”

Cardon, T. (2019). Strategies for Increased Interprofessional Collaboration between Behavior Analysts and Speech Pathologists to Support Children with Communication Need (aka – Collaboration Blind Spots!). Manuscript of presentation that discusses the different education, training, ethics and scope of practice of SLPs and BCBAs and then discusses blind spots and interprofessional education opportunities.

Fetter, A. (2017). ABA for the SLP. Presentation that focuses on theoretical differences in how language is learned and classified, addresses misconceptions of ABA, provides a primer on ABA assessment, verbal behavior, teaching methods.

Gilligan, G. (2013) A Verbal Behavior Approach to Speech-Language Pathology in Educational Settings. Very basic presentation that defines a variety of terms employed in verbal behavior therapy and gives examples as used.

Lublin, K. (2009). Successful Collaboration in Language Intervention for Children with Autism: ATeam Approach to SLP and ABA. Presentation defines speech-language pathology and applied behavior analysis, as well as presents roles and educational backgrounds of SLPs and BAs. Discusses commonalities and misconceptions between the two disciplines, and explains the benefits of effective collaboration.

Vail, T., Plattner, C., Benson, M., Lester, C. (2015). SLP-ABA Collaboration for Children with Autism: Developing Harmonious Interprofessional Relationships. Presented at North Carolina Speech-Hearing Language Association Conference. Basic overview of ABA and BCBA credential; defines collaboration, shared practice, and encroachment among professionals; presents and discusses overlapping scopes of practice and competencies, different philosophical frameworks, misconceptions and stereotypes, and 8 steps recommendations for interprofessional collaboration.

Esch, B. E. & Forbes, H. J. (2017). An annotated bibliography of articles in the Journal of Speech and Language Pathology – Applied Behavior Analysis. Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 33, 139-157. Provides a list of empirical articles illustrating SLP-ABA collaboration.

Cardon, T. (2017) Speech-Language Pathologists and Behavior Analysts: Perspectives Regarding Theories and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Provides a comparative analysis of behavior analysts’ (BAs’), speech-language pathologists’ (SLPs’), and dually certified practitioners’ (i.e., SLP-BCBAs’) responses to 10 scenarios involving individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Various theoretical perspectives and intervention strategies used were identified and differences became evident between the disciplines in terms of assessment and treatment. The study concluded that there is a definitive need for interprofessional education given the similarities and differences identified by both SLPs and BAs. Recommendations for future areas of collaboration and education are included.

The Journal of Speech and Language Pathology – Applied Behavior Analysis (2006-2010). Published by the American Psychological Association.