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Dag Strömberg, SLP, BCBA
Dag Strömberg is a licensed speech-language pathologist and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) from Sweden. Dag has been working with habilitation services for individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders for more than 20 years, intervening directly with children and caregivers as well as training staff members at Autism Center for Young Children and various preschools and schools. Dag is the current president of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis. He is a former clinical supervisor at Autism Center for Young Children, Stockholm and a former subject matter expert at Autism forum, an information center about autism, run by the Stockholm County Council. He teaches and supervises at the graduate courses in applied behavior analysis at Stockholm University, at the speech-language pathology program at the Karolinska Institute as well as internationally in France, Russia and India. Some of his interests include communication, problem behavior and sleep in children with autism.


Sleep problems are frequent in individuals with autism. This presentation will describe a selection of behavioral interventions to assess, prevent and treat the most common sleep problems, including signs of sleep deprivation as they may manifest in children with autism. Concrete advice on how to increase the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night will be highlighted. The presenter will provide descriptions and examples from his clinical experience from working with children with autism in Stockholm, Sweden. Many of the strategies presented may also be applicable for other populations, such as typically developing children with sleep problems.

Learner Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Use a sleep diary
  • Name common strategies for improving sleep hygiene
  • Name common strategies for behavioral sleep training

Time-Ordered Agenda:

15 Minutes Introduction: Sleep and sleep problems, an overview
15 Minutes Sleep assessment
40 Minutes Behavioral interventions: Sleep hygiene and sleep training
10 Minutes Case examples
10 Minutes Wrap-up and Discussion


Continuing Education and Disclosure:

Presenter Disclosure:
Financial Disclosure: Dag Strömberg is receiving an honorarium from NJSHA for this presentation. He will also referencing his place of employment, Stockholm University.
Non-Financial Disclosure: Dag Strömberg has no relevant non‐financial relationships to disclose.