Board of Directors

Attends all meetings of the Board which are scheduled at least four times a year. Serves as ambassador for NJSHA by attending programs and events as frequently as possible, initiating personal contact with members on a regular basis and promoting activities of the Association whenever and wherever possible. Accepts and performs ad hoc responsibilities as assigned by the President, such as liaison to standing committees and task force assignments. Reviews all relevant materials prior to Board meetings and is prepared to make contributions and voice objective opinions on matters which come before the Board.

Board of Directors

Barbara Schwerin Bohus

Healthcare and Early Intervention Committee Liaison

Barbara Schwerin Bohus, MS, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Nicole Ford

School Affairs Committee Liaison

Nicole Ford, MS, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Ursula Glackin

Media Committee Liaison

Ursula Glackin, MA, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Sue Goldman

VOICES Editorial Board Liaison

Sue Goldman, MA, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Stacey Johnson

Multicultural Issues Committee Liaison

Stacey Johnson, SLPD, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Robin Kanis

Continuing Education Committee Liaison

Robin Kanis, MS, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Michele McGlynn

Audiology Committee Liaison

Michele McGlynn, MS, CCC-A

Board of Directors

Natalie Neubauer

Higher Education Committee and Public Relations Committee Liaison

Natalie Neubauer, EdD, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Maria Rodriguez

School Affairs Committee Vice Chair

Maria Rodriguez, SLPD, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Sharon Ratiner

Private Practice Committee Liaison

Sharon Ratiner, MA, CCC-SLP

Board of Directors

Tamara Rehawi

Student Issues Committee Liaison

Tamara Rehawi, Student Representative – William Paterson University of New Jersey



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