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The 2021 NJSHA Convention was held virtually therefore the Student Awards Ceremony did as well on April 30, 2021.
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Marni Reisberg Recognition Award For Speech-Language Pathologists

This award is dedicated to the memory of Marni Reisberg.

Marni Reisberg was a dedicated speech-language pathologist and an active member of NJSHA. Marni lost a long battle with cancer in May, 1996. Among her many professional achievements were: President-Elect of NJSHA and Director of speech-language pathology at Community Medical Center, Toms River, NJ, where she initiated landmark Total Quality management efforts. Marni was a member of ASHA’s Quality Improvement Committee and frequently presented at ASHA regional and state conferences.

The Student Recognition Award has been established in Marni Reisberg’s honor, celebrating her dedication to growth and development within the field of medical speech-language pathology. Marni had a strong belief in quality education and positive practical learning experiences. NJSHA celebrates her commitment to future speech-language pathologists through this recognition program.

A monetary award will be presented to one student from each graduate program in New Jersey. Recipients must meet the predetermined qualifications consistent with Marni’s goals. Students will be recognized at the Annual Convention. See requirements below.

For additional information on the Marni Reisberg Recognition Award contact the office at

Student Recognition Award Requirements

  • Student Recognition Award will be presented to one graduate student from each university.
    Selection of one graduate student who exemplifies the characteristics described in the award criteria below.
  • University supervisor will provide a narrative relating to the specific points outlined in the criteria with accompanying clinical examples.
    Letters of additional support can be provided by off-site clinical supervisors as well.
  • Clinical experience with a medically-based population must be hands-on and not based on observation. This would probably occur in the last semester(s) of a student’s practicum program.
  • Please submit the name of the student with supportive documentation by January.
  • The awards’ committee will review your nominee’s qualifications and notify you of their decision by February.

Each deserving student will be nominated and selected by each school based upon the following criteria:

  1. The student must be a full-time matriculated master’s degree candidate in speech-language pathology.
  2. The student must have maintained an accumulative grade point average of 3.5.
  3. The student must have demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career path in medical speech-language pathology.
  4. The student must have completed a minimum of one clinical practicum in a medical setting or presently be engaged in a clinical practicum in a medical setting.

Each student needs to exemplify the following attributes:

  1. A natural curiosity for expanding his/her knowledge base independently.
  2. Demonstrate an objective yet sensitive approach toward the patient served and their families during the evaluation and treatment process.
  3. Be an active listener, integrating the goals and concerns of the patient and family into the treatment plan.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to work cooperatively with colleagues, both of the same discipline and in other professions for the benefit of the patient served.
  5. Display the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles in accordance with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Code of Ethics.
  6. Demonstrate an interest in issues affecting the profession (i.e., involvement in NJSHA, etc.).

2021: Olivia Ayala, Kean University
2021: Alexandra Reilly, Monmouth University
2021: Elana Steinberg, Montclair State University
2021: Giana Anglani, Seton Hall University
2021: Katherine Scala, Stockton College
2021: Caitlin Burke, William Paterson University

2020: Sara Ridgway, Kean University
2020: Olivia Ortolani, Monmouth University
2020: Evette Vaysman, Montclair State University
2020: Olivia DeMeo, Seton Hall University
2020: Jamie Bello, Stockton College
2020: Alisha Mathew, William Paterson University

2019: Austin Twine, Kean University
2019: Andrea Badiola, Montclair State University
2019: Alexa Chirichella, Seton Hall University
2019: Nicole Gvoth, William Paterson University
2019: Amy Hertzberg, Stockton College
2019: Karisa Wagenman, Monmouth University

2018: Victoria Nelson, Kean University
2018: Kaitlin Fisher, Monmouth University
2018: Sara Manzon, Montclair State University
2018: Lauren Jacobson, Seton Hall University
2018: Lyndsay Hagstrom, Stockton University
2018: Stacey Delos Santos, William Paterson University

2017: Michelle Santiago, Kean University
2017: Jamie Rosenstein, Monmouth University
2017: Lauren Dioguardi, Montclair State University
2017: Tara Orangeo, Seton Hall University
2017: Rebecca Nesterwitz, Stockton University
2017: Amy Zembrisk, William Paterson University

2016: Nicole Jonas, Kean University
2016: Lauren Zayatz, Monmouth University
2016: Sean McChesney, Montclair State University
2016: Kaitlyn Berninger, Stockton University
2016: Danielle Diessner, Seton Hall University
2016: Nicole D’Achille, William Paterson University

2015: Megan McGrath, Kean University
2015: Margaret Horsfield-Burt, Montclair State University
2015: Jaime Napurano, Seton Hall University
2015: Kelly C. Maslanik, Stockton University
2015: Nicole DeStefano, William Paterson University

2014: Megan Hester, Kean University
2014: Brittany Drake, Montclair State University
2014: Lisa Wolkoff, Seton Hall University
2014: Sara Ilenko, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
2014: Christina Mucciolo, William Paterson University

2013: Ann Marie Della Valle, Kean University
2013: Brenda Neolen-Kiely, Montclair State University
2013: Gabrielle Losasso, Seton Hall University
2013: Emily Kaufman, William Paterson University

2012: Jessica Lewis, Kean University
2012: Lisa Rose McCabe, Montclair State University
2012: Alexandra Milder, Seton Hall University
2012: Lorianne Faber, William Paterson University

2011: Jennifer Vill, Kean University
2011: Judy Andersen, Montclair State University
2011: Margaret Chanin, Seton Hall University
2011: Rebecca Zolotkovsky, William Paterson University

2010: Jessica Miller, Kean University
2010: Christina Lopez, Montclair State University
2010: Danielle LoPomo, Seton Hall University
2010: Jillian Kahn, William Paterson University

2009: Rossana Bonavita, Kean University
2009: Angela Prasad, Montclair State University
2009: Julia A. Izbinsky, Seton Hall University
2009: Robert Waldron, William Paterson University

2008: Danielle R. Catarino, Kean University
2008: Janel Modoski, Montclair State University
2008: Angela Heerah Park, Seton Hall University
2008: Shawna Gearhart, William Paterson University

2007: Lynne Penk, Kean University
2007: Jolene Theresa Lawton, Montclair State University
2007: Liliya May, Seton Hall University
2007: Ann Brown, William Paterson University

NJAA/NJSHA Outstanding Student Audiologist Award

NJAA/NJSHA Outstanding Student Audiologist Award was established in 2017. This honor is a combined award from the New Jersey Academy of Audiology (NJAA) and the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NJSHA).

Student Recognition Award Requirements Each deserving student will be nominated and selected by each school based upon the following criteria:

  1. The student must have maintained an accumulative grade point average of 3.5.
  2. The student must have demonstrated service to the community.
  3. The student must have demonstrated professional and personal growth in the AuD program.
  4. The student must have exhibited a high level of independence in their research project.
2021: Dana Katulak, Montclair State University
2020: Kyle Smith, Montclair State University
2019: William Stoll, Montclair State University
2018: Colleen Krupski, Montclair State University
2017: Ashley Helthall, Montclair State University