White Papers


NJSHA has developed a series of podcasts. The first set explores various NJSHA committees and will provide insight into what each committee does and what is involved in participation on the committee. The common thread of NJSHA’s podcasts is to provide information about the organization and resources that raise awareness of the issues, advocacy and changes that affect the professionals and the clients served across the lifespan.

Podcast Topics:

Technical Manual Developed by the Multicultural Committee

Reading Disabilities

Children with speech and language disorders are at-risk for learning disabilities (LD) in the areas of reading, spelling, and writing. This can lead to problems with academics, as well as problems with self-esteem and social skills. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and speech-language specialists (SLSs), can help.

Here are some resources for individuals interested in learning more about reading, reading disorders, including dyslexia, disorders of written expression, and the role of language in literacy development: