Public School Acronyms

Acronym Full Title of Acronym Description/Definition
AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication A way to communicate using pictures/symbols when oral speech is not in use
ADD/ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Diagnosed by a physician
AFT American Federation of Teachers Teacher’s union for a few districts in NJ
ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder
ASHA American Speech-Language-Hearing Association National association that certifies SLPs
BOE Board of Education NJ districts and the state each have a BOE
CA Chronological Age
CAP Corrective Action Plan Given to districts by state DOE when found in violation of a special education regulation
CCC Certificate of Clinical Competence Certificate earned through ASHA. SLPs working in school must have CCC or equivalent to sign off on Medicaid. SLSs must have a NJ license to refer to Medicaid. CCC alone does not suffice.
CCSS Common Core State Standards National school based standards, which states may adopt as is
CE Continuing Education Units for Professional Development. 20 hours every 2 years required of all NJ licensed SLPs
CI Communication Impaired Category in NJ of special education under the classification of ESERS
CST Child Study Team The evaluation and programming team for special education in NJ
CSPD Comprehensive System of Personnel Development System to ensure recruitment and retention of qualified personnel
DOE Department of Education NJ has county and state departments of education. The US has a Department of Education (USDOE)
EBSR Evidenced Based Systematic Review
EI Early Intervention Services for children aged birth to three with special needs. Falls under NJ Department of Health
EIS Early Intervening Services Services provided to at risk students without classifying for special education
ESERS Eligible for Special Education and Related Services Classification of special education students in NJ
ESLS Eligible for Speech-Language Services Special Education classification used when speech-language is the only service provided
ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act National Act. Most current rendition of the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act
FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education Required for all students in public schools in the US
FCM Functional Communication Measures Measures from ASHA to consider when evaluating a student
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act National Act. Act regulating classification and treatment of all students with disabilities in public schools
IEP Individualized Education Program Specific program required for all special ed students
I&RS Intervention and Referral Services Committee in each school is responsible for implementing interventions for students at risk and for making referrals for evaluations
LEA Local Education Agency School district
LRE Least restrictive environment Placement location required for all special education students
MA Mental Age/td> Is different than chronological age and is measured by intelligence level.
MOE Maintenance of Effort Obligation of states that receive IDEA funding to follow regulations and provide FAPE for all students
MTSS Multi Tiered System of Supports Provides a method of early identification and intervention that can help struggling students to catch up with their peers.
NCLB No Child Left Behind Immediate previous rendition of the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act
NJEA New Jersey Education Association Teacher’s union for most school districts in NJ
NJSHA New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association State professional association for SLPs
NJTSS New Jersey Tiered System of Supports NJ’s version of MTSS. See
OSEP Office of Special Education Programs NJDOE Special Education office
OSEPP Office of Special Education Policy and Procedures NJDOE special education office
PD Professional Development 20 hours every 5 years required of all teachers
PLAAFP Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Description in IEP of special education students’ performance
PRISE Parental Rights in Special Education Document parents of students with disabilities must receive when evaluated and when requested throughout their child’s classification
PSD Preschool Child with a Disability Category of classification under ESERS
RTI Response/Responsiveness to Intervention Process used by educators to help students struggling with skills before they are referred to the CST
SAC School Affairs Committee NJSHA committee addressing school issues
SD State Education Agency State Department of Education
SEA State Education Advocacy Leader ASHA school representative for each state appointed by state association presidents
SEAL Functional Communication Measures Measures from ASHA to consider when evaluating a student
SISP Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Term in ESSA that replaces ‘pupil services personnel.’ Related service providers fall under SISPs
SLD Specific Learning Disability Category of classification under ESERS
SLP Speech-Language Pathologist
SLS Speech-Language Specialist Certificate for an SLP from the NJDOE needed to work in NJ schools
T&E Thorough and Efficient Type of education required in NJ