Executive Council

The Executive Council (EC) monitors the action of NJSHA committees and oversees all association activities. Members of the EC work collaboratively with the Association Manager to insure the fiscal well-being of the association within the annually approved budget. Jointly all new, revised, or renewed contracts involving expenditure or financial commitment are reviewed and agreed upon prior to signature. Active decision making is made in accordance with the by-laws and financial policies established by NJSHA.

Executive Council Contact


Kathleen Palatucci


Kathleen Palatucci, MA, CCC-SLP
Preside at meetings of the Executive Council, Board of Directors, and Annual Meeting of the membership and all association related activities.


Donna Spillman-Kennedy


Donna Spillman-Kennedy, MS, CCC-SLP
Serve out the duties of the President of NJSHA in his/her absence or inability to serve. Chairs the Honors and Awards Committee, oversee the Honors and Awards event at the Annual Convention and Chairs Membership Committee.

Honors and Awards Committee Chair and Liaison
Membership Committee Chair and Liaison
AAC Committee Liaison


Robynne Kratchman

Immediate Past President

Robynne Kratchman, ABD, CCC-SLP
Chair the Nominations and Elections Committee. Chair the Legislative Committee. Coordinates the annual review of the Legislative Agent by: gathering feedback from members of the Legislative Committee and the Board of Directors, compiling the information and sharing it with the Legislative Agent, and providing a summary report to the Board of Directors.

Legislative Affairs Committee Chair and Liaison
Nominations and Elections Committee Chair and Liaison


Joan Warner


Joan Warner, MS, CCC-SLP
Chair the Finance Committee presents a one-year operating budget to the Board of Directors for approval before the end of the fiscal year. Monitors the financial integrity of the Association on a regular basis by reviewing monthly financial statements submitted by the association management company. Assures the proper maintenance of the financial records of the Association and implementation of the financial policies.

Convention Committee Liaison
Finance Committee Liaison


Sharon Ratiner


Sharon Ratiner, MA, CCC-SLP
Records and distributes the minutes of the Board of Directors and Executive Council meetings. Reviews and signs minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Council prior to distribution. Assures that notice of the annual meeting is sent to the membership in compliance with by-laws provisions. Maintains and distribute the Association’s Annual Operational Calendar.

Private Practice Committee Liaison